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Little Britain is an initiative to bring the best of Montessori teaching, Kindergarten and Nursery facilities to shape a better future for Kochi. We consider Nature as the best teacher and have hence, developed a spacious property of 25 cents of land with a Larry Baker style of house made into a castle for the little princes and princesses.

Little Britain is the place where children from the age of 1.8 years onwards can play, learn and nurture a great relationship with nature and each other in the safest way, developing their intellectual, artistic, creative and emotional quotients. We offer the best facilities to treat them royally while also ensuring that they stay rooted to their grounds, nurturing humanity and great relationships.

Our premises are children-friendly, letting them explore the open nature under ample shade, with minimal or no gadgets. We have trees, plants, vegetable garden, swings, slides, sandpit, and pool, keeping them rooted to nature, which is mostly missed by the urban crowd. We help them read, write, draw, sing, dance, build, think, and act with the best & proven methods followed in Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery style of teaching. Ours is a learning and development centre, rather than a typical playschool or preschool, offering personal attention and care to children at an age they need it the most.

To bring up a new generation of intellectuals who are rooted to nature and value relations.

To provide the best of early childhood care and education that helps them to grow up as confident, successful, and happy individuals who make the nation proud.

We believe in the deep-rooted Indian philosophy “Vasudaiva Kudumbakam”, meaning, the entire world is a family. In the ancient days, the children at home used to be taken care of the elderly grandparents who shared beautiful and enticing stories of virtue which inspired and shaped the young minds to love one another selflessly. At a time when more urban children grow up in nuclear families, they tend to miss the care and nurture offered by their grandparents. We aim to bridge that gap, offering utmost care and nurture to the young children who will grow up to be the future generation.

Pre-schools are the place where nurturing begins. That’s why, at Little Britain, we strive to inculcate the virtues of love, respect and nurture in young children who come to us. We motivate them to be happy and take care of self and one another. We share beautiful stories of integrity and inspire them to be good and do good. We also train them to stay strong emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. We chose our nature-friendly premises to keep the children rooted to nature and train them on essential age-appropriate life-skills.

With these in place, the Future definitely looks great!