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  • Why should I send my kid to a pre-school?

    Home is definitely the best place for kids to grow up. But they also need to be equipped to mingle with other children and people of all ages. They need to be independent, get ready to start regular schooling. A good pre-school will not only equip them with the basics of health, hygiene, literacy and communication but also inculcate great values and life skills to get a good start for a great future. We at Little Britain are on a mission to making a great future for the next generation.

  • Kindergarten or Regular School, which is better to start with?

    Ideally a great Kindergarten that can provide world-class facilities, focus more on life-skills and can give personal attention would be better to start with for your child. During their initial months away from home, they need more care, nurture and personal attention to develop their emotional, intellectual, creative and social skills. At Little Britain, our classes have a maximum of 10-12 children only so that we can ensure personal attention to each of our kid’s learning and development.


  • Which curriculum is better to follow?

    Each child has a different set of skills and talents which should be well-nurtured during their initial stages of growing up. Rather than confining to developing only a pre-defined set of skills based on a curriculum, if your pre-school can give personal attention and encourage the child to develop their natural instincts, it will be the best start you can give your kids.

  • Montessori or Kindergarten, which is best?

    The Montessori way of teaching focuses more on the fun ways to discover and learn naturally while the Kindergarten follows a graded system and fixed curriculum. The Montessori ways offer more freedom to the children, letting them explore, learn and most importantly, cultivate healthy habits. Kindergarten is more focused on academics and equips them to face the regular school syllabus faster. Little Britain has an integrated approach that combines the best of Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery to give your child the best of all worlds.