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Cicily Abraham ,at a glance we might mistake her for a beautiful foreigner ; those Crystal shiny grey eyes , that beautiful smile ,so graceful and an enigmatic person infact hails from Kozhikode & has completed her education MA (English ) from Devagiri college Calicut & BA ( Economics)from Providence . She later worked as a banker at Standard Chartered bank and many other corporates in the North. A tennis player and a champion who represented the Calicut university during her college days emphasises on the importance of having strong mind in a strong body.She served as a teacher at Carmel convent school for the longest time and have helped economically backward students in the same school. As a grandmother now Ms. Cicily realises that we have lesser responsibilities and more time in observing a child and helping them, playing with them.Enjoying them at the different stages of their development. Whenever she come across articles relating to children she saves them and tries to incorporate them in children encouraging them to pursue their dreams. She understands that every child is unique and different and encourages each and every child individually appreciating their skills . We are proud to have her at Little Britain and she will be taking care of our LKG students.